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What Is Manufacturers Insurance? Manufacturers affect the U.S. economy in significant ways, as they employ millions of workers and produce and export trillions of dollars of goods. As the owner of a manufacturing company, you have much to protect. READ MORE >>

At some point or another, it’s very likely you’ll get in your car only to find that the battery has died. Learning to jump start a car is just as important as learning how to pump gas. This important skill is invaluable to caring for your own car, but it can also come in handy if you come across someone else who needs a jump. READ MORE >>

Oklahoma officials are recommending a website designed for California residents that offers tips on earthquake preparedness, like anchoring bookshelves to walls and stringing wire across the books to prevent them from toppling onto anyone. The site, http://www.earthquakecountry. READ MORE >>

Law enforcement officers in Oklahoma will soon have the option to seize license plates from uninsured drivers and assign temporary insurance under a new law passed this year by the Legislature. The law went into effect Nov. 1 allowing the seizure, but the Oklahoma Insurance Department said agencies won’t implement the changes until January as procedures are established. READ MORE >>

Investing in home improvement adds value to your house, but paying professional handymen and contractors can add up over time. But don’t start counting your pennies just yet. There are many simple projects that you can handle on your own to improve your home’s energy efficiency, appearance and value. READ MORE >>

Winter weather can bring cold temperatures, snow and ice storms and sometimes blizzard like conditions that can damage property. When winter weather events occur the following winter-weather emergency tips are provided: What to Do if Your Home is Damaged? READ MORE >>

In less than a month, ghouls, goblins and The Little Mermaid will be at your front door. Are you prepared?We aren’t talking candy-bought, decorations-up prepared. We mean, what happens if Glenda the Good Witch breaks her arm or your house is egged? Are you covered for that? READ MORE >>

An important aspect of pregnancy is getting the proper medical care that both you and baby need. But can you rely on your health insurance to cover the expenses of routine checkups and delivery? Some of the more basic health plans may not cover the expenses associated with pregnancy. READ MORE >>

You've probably heard this before, maybe loads of times. When it comes to insurance, it pays to shop around. There's a reason that line is repeated so often: It's solid advice, because big savings are possible. READ MORE >>

Many house renters make the serious mistake of thinking that their landlord’s home insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing their possessions in the event of burglaries, fires and acts of nature. Although the costs of repairing the building will be covered in the event of a named peril, your personal possessions will not. READ MORE >>

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