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Loftis & Wetzel Corporation Blog: 1_2014

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A healthy staff is crucial to the success of a business, given that the ability of your employees to work is what keeps generating revenue. Poor health and obesity cause workers to take off an increased number of sick days, along with negatively impacting their focus, mental clarity and productivity. READ MORE >>

What Is Manufacturers Insurance? Manufacturers affect the U.S. economy in significant ways, as they employ millions of workers and produce and export trillions of dollars of goods. As the owner of a manufacturing company, you have much to protect. READ MORE >>

At some point or another, it’s very likely you’ll get in your car only to find that the battery has died. Learning to jump start a car is just as important as learning how to pump gas. This important skill is invaluable to caring for your own car, but it can also come in handy if you come across someone else who needs a jump. READ MORE >>

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